We convert your data to dollars.

We make systems that leverage data to help ambitious leaders better operate, optimize, and grow their already high-performing online businesses and overcome complex business, operational, and marketing challenges.
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Ahmad Kanani
Founder & Head of Analytics

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Unlock the power of data to make intelligent decisions.

Imagine having an automated engine that works 24/7:

A system that pulls data from all your marketing and analytics tools, and the provides you with a central view with answers to your burning questions and insight you can trust and act on.

A system that works non-stop to help you better run, optimize, and grow your business.

We create such systems. We design and build bespoke data pipelines, reporting, and analytics engines according to your unique data and business needs. 

Our done-for-you solution covers from A to Z: Situation analysis, requirement gathering, measurement planning, data collection via custom data pipelines, data processing, data analysis, and creation of automated reporting dashboards for your teams and key stakeholders, plus monitoring, maintenance, and enhancing those system as your business grows.

Since 2017, we have collected, processed, analyzed, and reported on more than $1 Billion in combined revenue for our clients; helping them better run, optimize, and grow their businesses.

Data is the only thing we're focused on!

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Our Methodology

We follow a proven framework to build a custom solution for your data and reporting needs.


Strategy and Planning

We spend time to review and understand your technology stack, current analytics setup, data & reporting needs, and business goals. We will then prepare a roadmap on how to get the most out of data to support your business goals.


Data Pipeline

We collect your data from all your marketing and analytics tools.

We will then clean, process, and transform your raw data to create a central source of clean & trustworthy data for analysis, reporting, and activation.


Reporting, Activation, and Analysis

Having access to fresh, clean data, we will create reporting dashboards that answer questions, activate data in the form of custom audiences, and help you analyze data to uncover hidden insight.

We collect data from

and many more...

Our Core Toolbox.

We use powerful tools that grow with you as your business grows.

Data Visualization & Custom Reports
Google Data Studio

We use Data Studio to create visual reports and custom dashboards to provide your teams and stakeholders with the insight they need for their day-to-day decision making.

Data Transformation & Warehousing
Google Big Query

We use Google's blazing fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse to to import and combine all your online and offline data and to unlock advanced data processing, transformation, analysis, machine learning, and reporting capabilities for your business.

Tag Management & Monitoring
Google Tag Manager

We use GTM to monitor user engagement and conversions and report data to different tools & platforms. It allows deployment and management of analytics and marketing tags in a secure, flexible, and easy to maintain environment, with minimum reliance on IT or tech support.

Web Analytics & Attribution
Google Analytics

We use GA to track traffic sources, user behavior, goal conversions, and eCommerce, and to measure campaign performance and create attribution models to understand the true ROI of different channels and marketing activities.

We talk fluent business strategy, digital marketing, and conversion optimization,
but we're purely focused on data & analytics.

Our mission is to help ambitious online businesses use better data to accelerate growth and dominate their market.

Since 2017, our clients trusted us to collect, process, report, and analyze data for more than 730 million user interactions and more than $1 Billion in combined revenue.

Ahmad Kanani
Founder & Head of Analytics


Here are the different ways you can engage our services.

Dedicated Measurement Management

This is an ongoing monthly retainer service designed for 7- to 8-figure online business looking for a long-term partner to manage all their data and reporting needs, in which we'll take on the role of your outsourced analytics department to manage all your measurement needs from A to Z.

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Analytics Consultation

Book a 30 minutes or an hour long consultation session with Ahmad to discuss the analytics challenges you're facing, your measurement strategy, or troubleshoot your Google Analytics, Tag Manager, or Data Studio implementation on a Zoom call.

We help high performers
accelerate growth.

Only few

We work only with a few key clients to setup, manage, and maintain their analytics and reporting infrastructure.

$1 Billion+

in client revenue are trusted with the systems we create to collect, process, report, and analyze data.

>730 Million

meaningful user actions have gone through our analytics setups since 2017.

You're in good company!

Read what clients and fellows say about us.

“Ahmad has demonstrated his amazing analytics skills with a rare combination of business savvy and analytics savvy which makes his professional impact unique.”
Avinash Kaushik
Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google
Chris Mercer
Measurement Marketing Expert, Trainer, & Speaker
Ahmad is detailed, technical, and constantly upgrading his skills.

He’s got the skill set to plan out a measurement strategy, build the implementation, and create reporting structures that both answer meaningful questions as well as predict future results.

If you have a chance to work with Ahmad… take it!
Josh Forte
Online Channel Manager
Ahmad is clearly one of the smartest users of Google Tag Manager, Analytics and Data Studio I have ever come across.

My team and I were stuck for a month trying to report very important site data that our C-suite needed and I just couldn't get my setup right.

Then, thank goodness Ahmad was there to help. He suggested a new approach to accommodate the very specific solution we needed and it absolutely worked!

That report is now the most circulated report among our executives and without it we would not have been able to expose the glaring issues of how bad our content was performing, and would not have had the engagement from the top level to fix it.

I only regretted not reaching out to him sooner. In addition to his data prowess, he is professional and kind. He will certainly be a great asset for any Analytics challenges you have. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Scott Reid
Ahmad has a highly unique combination of skillsets that transcends the vast majority of analytics-oriented professionals.

The experience he draws upon when troubleshooting complex issues is extremely valuable when it comes to determining logical solutions, quickly.

Ahmad and his team are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. When I ask a question they get me the answer - quickly and accurately.
Fred Pike
COO & Web Analytics Expert
Ahmad is one of the smartest analysts I know in the Google Analytics / Tag Manager / E-commerce world. He’s an active practitioner and has real-world, hard-won knowledge.

I’ve been struck by the intelligence reflected in his questions, and the experience reflected in his answers.

I consider him one of the best practitioners I know.
John Smutniak
Measurement Marketing Expert
Ahmad and his team of analytics experts are the secret sauce for those who want to know their numbers and help their clients do the same.

Instead of wasting time and energy trying to wade through dozens of blog posts and articles to implement or troubleshoot something - whether it is setting up a complex pixel framework, or a quick look to diagnose what’s causing an issue - I let the them take care of it professionally and it has worked for me.
Ryan Levander
Digital Marketing Strategist & Analyst
If you’re looking for a measurement marketing expert look no further than Ahmad.

Ahmad has helped me with advanced tracking scenarios for clients where I didn’t have the time to do it myself and it would’ve taken me a lot longer than it took him. He is the one I go to when I have complicated tracking questions.

There are very few people that are at that top-level like Ahmad and I’m a strong advocate for his skill level with Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Google Data Studio.
Giles Thomas
Founder & Growth Consultant
AcquireConvert, Whole Design Studios
Ahmad has a rare & deep knowledge of analytics. His attention to detail coupled with his understanding of tooling can help any business find profit through data.
Chris Mattok
CEO, FlowMotion Agency
It took many years (and dollars) for me to find the right analytics partner and I’m grateful to say that’s Ahmad at Siavak. I approached him with big projects and sophisticated plans and he’s exceeded my expectations.

Ahmad has a strong balance of business and technical knowledge — but none of that makes any difference without exceptional communication and consistent follow through — which has been my experience with him since day one.
Chris Koehl
Digital Marketing Professional,
I’ve been working with Ahmad now for the past few years. When it comes to marketing analytics and problem-solving... I would highly recommend Ahmad and his team.

He’s one of the few people I’ve worked with - over my 20-year career as a digital marketing professional - that really knows his stuff.

He’s always in the lab coming up with really cool ways to track and report data. He’s kinda like the mad-scientist of analytics. If you’re looking for someone to run your analytics systems, from A to Z, then look no further.
Natasha Vorompiova
Ahmad helped me to take my understanding of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Data Studio to a whole new level!

The nuances and tricks that I discovered with Ahmad’s guidance allowed me to optimize my tracking implementations and make my dashboards infinitely more valuable for my clients.

We zeroed in on exact questions I needed answers to, which led to fast and solid progress I was looking for.
Rita Barry
Principal Rita Barry & Co.
Whenever our team runs into an analytics or tagging implementation issues that we can’t iron out in-house or don't have the time to deal with, Ahmad and his team are our first call.

They're responsive, smart as they come, and are efficient in taking care of any sort of analytics challenge.
Joe Martin
Director of Product, ExTix Event Ticketing
We needed help verifying we had clean data and before we could start testing and that things were set up correctly. Ahmad was able to help us verify data and provide us with the direction to improve our system.

We’ve continued to work with him since to help us understand new tests to run and analyze our data. This relationship is going to continue! The man is invaluable.
Simon Connor
Founder, FEmarketing Agency
In all the years that Ahmad has worked with my agency, he has always, without fail, was able to help with every analytics challenge regarding Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Data Studio.

I am continually astounded by his technical knowledge of analytics and his ability to figure out the most complex Analytics, Tag Manager and Data Studio issues.

As an agency owner it's great having Ahmad and the his team in my corner - a team I can rely on when a client has a technical issue that requires serious expertise to get resolved.
Quinn Zeda
Founder, Zeda Labs
Ahmad is a great asset to our team. He and his team have been able to work through tough analytics problems, create solutions, and ensure everything is tracking perfectly.